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Top 5 Mold Removal Myths Busted

Top 5 Mold Removal Myths Busted

Not only mold looks ugly and bad in the house, it has very harmful effects on our health. We certainly don’t want our kitchens and bathrooms containing this piece of fungus. But there are so many myths and facts about mold. Let us bust some of the most common myths usually related to mold!

Myth Number 1 – Bleach Is Able to Destroy Mold

We usually think bleach is a super powerful chemical that can kill anything. If we clean they are containing mold, it will kill the fungus, but it’s just a myth. There are many types of mold; some are even resistant to bleach. Also, some mold spores are very difficult to clean with bleach. Therefore, the next time you see a mold, don’t use bleach!

Myth Number 2 – Mold Free Homes Exist.

Mold spores are everywhere in the air around you, in our environment as well. There is way that a mold free house exists, so get used to that reality. But you can hire a certified mold inspector serving Los Angeles, CA to take care of the major mold spores in your house.

Myth Number 3 – It Is Easy to Clean Mold at Your Home by Yourself

Even though you may be an expert at cleaning, but cleaning mold is no easy feat. It requires special precautions to be taken, special instruments as well. Also, if you use a UV lamp to eliminate mold, you actually might be causing it grow more quickly. So, take help of certified mold inspector serving Los Angeles, CA to remove mold effectively at your house.

Better than removal is to prevent the growth of mold in your house, as they say prevention is better than cure. Regularly clean and maintain your house, check humidity levels and also make sure your house is well-ventilated.

Myth Number 4 – All Types of Molds Is Toxic To Health

Usually mold is considered to be a dangerous substance and it really is hazardous to your health and respiratory system. But there are a few types also helpful for us humans. For examples, Penicillin is the most useful mold for production of antibiotics which are the most commonly medications use. Similarly, Aspergillus is used for the cheese formation.

Myth Number 5 – It Is Okay to Have A Little Bit Mold Around Your House

A lot of people might think what harm can a little bit mold do? But trust us, it is very dangerous since it can spread easily from one place to the other and breeds like anything. Even a little amount of moisture in air can cause it to spread like wildfire. So even a tiny bit can be really risky! So the next time you see a little bit mold in your bathroom or kitchen and think it is fine, it’s just a little amount, think again! Start cleaning and removing it right away.



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