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Benefits of Air Quality Testing

Benefits of Air Quality Testing

Statistics show that about nine in every ten homes have or is on the verge of having indoor air quality issues. The problem manifests as bad odor, stuffiness or dampness especially in areas that frequently get wet like the bathroom. Mold is the root cause of all these problems, which is why every home can realize the benefits of air quality testing from a Certified Residential Mold Inspector (CRMI).

Choosing a Good Home or Business Mold Inspector

There are plenty of inspectors who can offer mold inspections for businesses or residential areas. However, it is important to get a professional that is highly experienced for the job in order to have the full benefit of identifying any potential mold issues.

Before choosing a professional mold inspector, you must ensure that the inspector is registered with a credible organization for mold inspectors. The ACAC.Org (America Council for Accreditation and Certification) is one such organization that vets the quality of mold inspectors. Additionally, the mold inspection specialist should have all the right gear for effectively perform the job.

Experience on the job is necessary too when looking for inspectors. They should have previous track record of successfully carrying out mold inspections in homes or business. A well experienced mold inspection expert will also have recommendations and the best ratings from clients they have worked with before.

How You Will Benefit from a Qualified Certified Mold Inspector

It is evident that every home has a mold attack of some kind, or will likely have mold issues in future. At low levels, the mold may not really be a bother; however a clear sign of elevated mold exposure would be the bad odors or indoor dampness. A certified mold inspector can do a number of things for the home or business, including:take Away the Bad Smell, Bad odor will often interfere with quality air circulation or filtration. An ACAC approved mold specialist will identify the source of the odor.

Improve Property Value: No one would pay a high price for a moldy house with the worst stench. Thus it is important to carry out air quality testing either in an occupied or vacant home/business. A free mold inspection specialist will help reclaim the previously unusable interior spaces that were badly affected by mold.

Improve Production in Business; Employees will function better in an environment with free circulation of air. Mold affects the quality of work in a business especially when the workers are frequently hit with respiratory problems or complain of bad smells at the office. A certified mold inspector will carry out a simple test with their mold inspection kits and establish the problem in the environment.

When looking for an experienced and professional mold inspector, South Bay Mold Inspections is available to evaluate mold issues in the home or business, South Bay Mold Inspections are people to bank on. With more than 15 years of experience in conducting air quality testing, South Bay Mold Inspections will accurately identify the sources of moisture intrusion and also identify the areas of potential mold issues.

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