Certified Residential Mold Inspector

Disadvantages of mold and our relevance to its detection

Mold could be hazardous and happen to be a huge threat to human life. Its existence in our immediate environment has an adverse effect on both health and wellbeing. Some ailments may develop due to the impact of these multicellular filaments. Severe exposure to a damp and moldy environment can cause varieties of health effects such as nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, eye irritation headaches and respiratory complications. In some cases, skin irritation can emanate. Mold isn’t just a problem for persons with allergies, it can gradually make the environment non-conducive for a good stay. A drastic drop in the strength of one’s immune system and a complete health breakdown isn’t out of it.

Hence, a regular check and Certified Mold Inspection, by a Certified Residential Mold Inspector of suspect areas, bedrooms and living places are advised to maintain the proper standard of a good living. These examinations cannot be achieved through a mere check with the natural eye. There are series of equipment used by South Bay Mold Inspections to make the actual detection of moisture and visible molds, its level of existence and the primary cause in that environment.

Mold usually grows well in places of high humidity and poor ventilation. Older houses with old or suspect plumbing pipes and poor plumbing services tend to encounter issues with mold than any other building. Hence, the best and simplest form of prevention is to keep additional moisture away from your home. That is why South Bay Mold Inspections exists.

We are South Bay Mold Inspections, the team of experts aimed at pioneering solutions to our clients’ toughest challenge and discomfort through the provision of our topnotch services. Our services aid our clients stay away from mold accumulation and its adverse effect. We conduct a thorough inspection for the existence of mold, as well as cause and mold prevention. Our team of trained professionals are bent on bringing you the best services that will assist you in maintaining an excellent state of health as well reduce environmental hazards through a good environmental impact assessment. Call (310 863-2349 for a free quote.