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South Bay Mold Inspections is a Sister Company of South Bay Home Inspections. Although the Owner / Inspector, Randy Pierson has been offering and conducting mold inspections and air quality testing for over 15 years. People often don’t realize that we offered mold inspections as well as Professional Home Inspection Services at South Bay Home Inspections.

Randy Pierson decided to start a new Company, South Bay Mold Inspections with new technology and resources dedicated strictly to mold inspections. South Bay Mold Inspections will be a stand alone service provider of in depth mold and moisture intrusion inspections using the latest thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters.

We have reviews on Yelp, under South Bay Home Inspections and soon to be developing new ones for South Bay Mold Inspections.

Randy Pierson, personal conducts all the inspections, testing and report writing. With 15 years of experience just in moisture intrusion inspections. Randy also has 20 years as a professional Home Inspector.

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South Bay Mold Inspections

We use the latest Technology

Thermal Imaging Cameras
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