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The certified mold inspection process
certified mold inspection process

The Certified Mold Inspection Process Experts

South Bay Mold Inspections is a sister company of South Bay Home Inspections, who has been doing home and mold inspections for 20 years. Certified by the American Council of Accreditation and Certification (ACAC) as a Board Certified Residential Mold Inspector. There is a Certified Mold Inspection Process, that we are well trained in.

The sister company of South Bay Home Inspections is now offering a dedicated Mold Inspection service for residential and commercial owners. South Bay Mold Inspections, aims to make homes and commercial building safer by detecting mold before it spreads.

Over 50% of U.S homes and 85% of commercial buildings have mold according to a recent study. Senior scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, who is an expert in mold found that 47% of homes have such a serious mold problem that it can affect a person’s health. Many homeowners are unaware they have mold and even more are unaware of the damage that can be caused to the building or to the people living there.

Effects and Signs

High levels of mold can reduce lung function and cause serious health problems that include C.O.P.D, asthma, allergies, and bronchitis. Those who already suffer from breathing and lung problems can find their health deteriorating even more if they work or live in a property where mold is spreading. That is why it’s important for those that live or own a commercial building in South Bay to have their property inspected for mold. certified mold inspection process

Mold does not only affect a person’s health, it can also damage the structure of the property and contents of the property. Untreated and undetected mold can break down organic matter, infesting walls, and embed in carpets, insulation and air conditioning units. Once mold sets in and spreads it can be hard to clean and can result in expensive repairs and property being replaced.

A spokesman for South Bay Mold remarked on the importance of ordering a mold inspection service. “Mold has become a serious problem. It can damage the health of people living or working in a property as well as damaging the structure of the building. However, that is not the only reason why a mold inspection is important. If a home is found to have mold and has not been treated then it can result in a home which is up for sale being left unsold, or the asking price being hugely reduce.”

About South Bay Mold Inspections and the certified mold
inspection process

South Bay Mold Inspections is a Sister Company of South Bay Home Inspections. Although the Owner / Inspector, Randy Pierson has been offering and conducting mold inspections and air quality testing for over 15 years. People often don’t realize that we offered mold inspections as well as Professional Home Inspection Services at South Bay Home Inspections.

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